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The Swan School Update - March 2017

1 March 2017

We are pleased to report that the Education Funding Agency’s search for a viable site for The Swan School is making progress. The Agency has been working with local authorities on this and while the search has proved challenging, the County Council has now voted to make the Harlow Centre in Old Marston available. While this is not finally confirmed as the site, it is another step towards our goal of opening The Swan School.

At the same time, it is becoming clear that the opening date of 2018 which we had hoped for will not now be feasible. This has now been confirmed by the Education Funding Agency which is responsible for securing the site, gaining planning permission and building the school.

This is of course disappointing, but assuming the school can open in 2019 that will still be in time to cater for the expected increase in numbers of students moving up to secondary school that year.

Also, to help reduce the current pressure on school places, the Cherwell School will increase its Year 7 intake by 15 pupils in 2017. Although the school is limited as to how far it can go because of classroom and site restrictions, it is making these extra places available before The Swan School opens to help the community and provide more choice for local parents in the meantime. My thanks to the Cherwell School for making this possible.

We will give you more information on developments around The Swan School as soon as we can.

Paul James

Chief Executive

River Learning Trust

For more information about The Swan School, please see our fact sheet here.